Dance is the language of the body. Every movement of a body part usually also requires the activation of other body parts, even if this is often not apparent at first glance.
Since the Corona crisis, the dance scene has been heavily reliant on digital media - thus a change of perspective takes place, which enables new insights into performances and the dancing body.

Especially in house and hip hop dance styles, the basis of every movement is the groove, which makes the dance holistic and lets every move arise from within. If you put the dance focus on your feet, your whole body still swings with you; and those body parts that resonate, being not obviously in the foreground, are examined in more detail.
Various tools that have been researched on the topic of “Dance on Screen” enable new, more intimate insights into a dancing body that are not visible in a live performance. From extreme proximity to wide angles, the one-shot deals with the game with the camera, with which the dance and performance world has been confronted more than before since 2020. The observing eye therefore embarks on an eight-minute journey with the dancer, during which she is “followed” from different perspectives and not a single cut takes place.

What do you discover as a viewer when you look longer and more closely? Prospective is a performative study in which the camera follows the flow of the body - danced by Olivia Mitterhuemer.

With the kind support of the City of Salzburg, Toihaus & Doll

Video: Attic Film
Styling: Magdalena Neuburger
Hair&Make Up: Christine Schneider
Fotos: Frank Wimmer
Music selection: Cosmic
Music by: Kendrick Lamar, Prof. Delacroix, Sivey