Under the artistic direction of Farah Deen and Olivia Mitterhuemer, four
Austrian dancers examine the diversity of House Dance in terms of
tempo, rhythm and dynamics. In particular, great attention is given to the
energy of House music, which has its origins from the clubs of Chicago &
New York and was strongly influenced by the LGBTQI+ and the Black American community. 

By means of improvisation and choreography, Cat Jimenez, Farah Deen,
Olivia Mitterhuemer and Tina Rauter explore the repertory of House Dance in combination with various music genres of electronically produced House music.

Besides the obvious focus on the music’s energy, the quartet also works with accurate precision in their movements. The dancers play with different formations which are regularly broken or rebuilt during the performance, as well as with unisono parts which are interrupted by individual happenings. 

The piece is based on the performers‘ personal experiences as white women and women of colour being socialised in Europe.

Idea / Concept / Choreography: Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer
Dance: Farah Deen, Paz Katrina Jimenez, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Tina Rauter
Light design: Stefan Ebner
Music editing: TJ Hicks
Fotos: FOTO FLAUSEN & Raphi Photography
Funded by Stadt Salzburg Kultur & Land Salzburg Kultur