Leaving your own comfort zone, overcoming limits, discovering new worlds – all of this requires courage and overcoming. Each of us knows this feeling: if you have dared to step into new territory, the relief (almost) always outweighs the feeling and you are proud to have done it after all. Change often brings uncertainty with it, which in our society is usually burdened with negative reservations.

Without borders there would be no differentiation to see what is hidden on the other side. The problem is not the limit, but whether this limit is useful and necessary at this point.

What do those society-created boundaries do to our behavior?
This is what dancer Farah Deen and musician Christoph Ertl address and bring to the stage in their piece Arielle. The story of the young mermaid serves as an impetus for both of them to consciously leave their usual artistic world behind and to penetrate each other’s – just like Arielle when she leaves the underwater world against all expectations.

Idea / Concept: Farah Deen & Christoph Ertl
Choreography / Dance: Farah Deen
Music / Composition: Christoph Ertl
Choreographic Assistant: Olivia Mitterhuemer
Light Design: Stefan Ebner
Costume: Magdalena Neuburger
Funded by Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Land Salzburg Kultur & Kunsthilfe Salzburg