Farah Deen and Olivia Mitterhuemer are linked by a long-term, intensive friendship, which has been and is strengthened in particular through many shared experiences in dance. For many years, the two Austrian women have combined their physical and mental connection with their passion for house dance. Above all, the house step “Chase”, also known as “Hurdle”, inspired them both in terms of movement and in the literal sense for their common work which is based on consonance, harmony and blind understanding. 

In their work-in-progress "Friend.shift" they embark on a journey through diverse (life) positions and numerous movement patterns. In doing so, they keep on finding new perspectives and expressions. After the AAR Showing at Tanz*Hotel Vienna at the end of October, the 15-minutes long first version was further developed in December 2021 in Senegal with Khoudia Touré as an outside eye.

Dance & Choreography: Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer
Music: Fényan, Vril, Isolée
Music Edit: Andreas Wladimirow
Outside Eye: Tina Rauter, Khoudia Touré

The piece was supported by POOL - Raum für Kultur St. Gallen (CH) & Tanz*Hotel Vienna. The artists had the opportunity to work on the piece in 2 artists residencies. The one at Tanz*Hotel Vienna was also artistically supported by Bert Gstettner. 

Funded by Stadt Salzburg & Land Salzburg Kultur. 

Fotos:  Martina Stapf | Artist At Resort - Werkschau Term 19 | T*H/Bert Gstettner, 10/2021

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